A Law Firm Built for Business.

KJK’s first priority has always been the business of our clients.  We have embraced this mindset for years, developing a reputation as a law firm built for business. Building on that reputation, we are introducing KJK Connective Counsel which creates meaningful connections among our clients, communities and business leaders.

KJK Connective Counsel gives middle-market, privately held companies an “all-access pass” to sound legal advice and business connections by convening the right people from the private and public sectors, sparking partnerships that have the potential to build legacies.

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At KJK, our team is our most
valuable asset.

KJK Advise

KJK Advise is a dedicated group of services structured around providing sound business and legal advice to our clients.

These services focus on our client’s organizational structure and business goals so that we become a trusted business partner.

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KJK advocate

KJK Advocate is focused on problem solving and the resolution of matters in the best interest of our clients.

KJK’s will to succeed and desire for delivering the impossible drives our team to produce creative and innovative legal strategies and solutions for our clients.

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KJK Innovate

KJK Innovate is concentrated on protecting our client’s most valuable assets: their intellectual property.

Our team stays apprised of the rapidly evolving technological environment to provide well versed and innovative protection to our clients.

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KJK build

KJK Build provides our clients with all-encompassing representation and counsel incorporating all aspects of real estate.

Our team is focused on getting projects developed and deals completed.

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