Student & Athlete defense

Allegations of campus sexual misconduct can have lasting and devastating consequences for a student’s or professor’s academic and professional future.

KJK’s Student & Athlete Defense Practice Group defends and advises students and professors facing Title IX and other campus misconduct allegations, in addition to criminal prosecution. Led by Partners Susan Stone and Kristina Supler, our team serves clients across the country involved in campus misconduct matters to ensure that they receive due process. Our team also advocates for students with learning disabilities to ensure they receive equal access to education.

Client feedback

"Allow me to take this time to thank you for all of your hard work, expertise and understanding toward clearing our son’s record and allowing him to resume his life without this undeserved burden. I could sense from our first meeting, your work in this area is not just an avocation, but a passion to affect change in the way these cases are decided. Your professionalism throughout the process was exceptional, especially with regard to your communications with me. I have never worked with an attorney group which made unprovoked calls to update us on the progress of our efforts!"  

Title IX and Campus Misconduct

We work closely with students and professors facing Title IX allegations involving sexual assault, sexual harassment and intimate partner violence, including cases were a coordinated criminal defense is also needed. Our goal is to protect the academic transcript, career and reputation of our clients. Our team also represents students who have already been found responsible and who are pursuing Title IX appeals, fighting for their due process rights. We work closely with other KJK attorneys in cases that intersect with criminal matters, litigation and employment law.

Coordinated Criminal Defense

Our attorneys defend students and professionals charged with a variety of criminal offenses including sexual assault, domestic violence, drug offenses and other type of crimes that occur on college campuses. We understand the skill and strategy required to navigate campus misconduct proceedings that may trigger criminal prosecution. We have years of experience defending individuals in state and federal courts around the country and know how to uncover meaningful evidence required to build an effective defense in a court of law. When criminal charges cannot be resolved, we are experienced trial attorneys.

Special Education Law

Our team advocates for students with learning disabilities and differences from the beginning of their education in preschool through the end of their academic career in college or postgraduate studies. We work with students and parents to fight for a child’s right to equal access to education as guaranteed by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes assistance in navigating 504 Plans and Individual Education Programs (IEPs), and defending students with special needs facing disciplinary issues like bullying. When needed, we work closely with other professionals such as therapists, college consultants and private specialists.

Autism Defense

We have unique experience representing individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who come into contact with the criminal justice system, ranging from drug offenses, federal prosecutions for internet crimes and sexual offenses. We understand the social communication deficits of this growing population, and how vulnerable they can be to making mistakes on the internet or in navigating sexual interactions. Our practice collaborates with outside medical experts to create a defense specialized for those with autism.

Students & Faculty Represented at:

We routinely travel to colleges and universities nationwide, representing students, athletes, and faculty facing Title IX investigations or allegations of campus misconduct.


  • Title IX investigation defense
  • Student misconduct allegations
  • Faculty misconduct allegations
  • Criminal defense
  • Civil litigation
  • Restorative justice facilitation
  • Academic dishonesty
  • Academic disciplinary action
  • Special education accommodations
  • Autism defense
  • Bullying / social media cases
  • IEP due process and 504 hearings
  • Defamation actions
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Mediation
  • NCAA appeals
  • Antioch College
  • Ashland University
  • Bowling Green State University
  • California State University – Fresno
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Clarkson University
  • Cleveland State University
  • College of Charleston
  • College of Wooster
  • Cornell University
  • DePauw University
  • Dominican University
  • Drake University
  • Emory University
  • Hiram College
  • John Carroll University
  • Kent State University
  • Kenyon College
  • Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Miami University
  • Northeast Ohio Medical University
  • Oakland University
  • Oberlin College Ohio
  • The Ohio State University
  • Ohio University
  • Ohio Wesleyan University
  • Reed College
  • Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • University of Akron
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Mount Union
  • University of Miami
  • University of Nebraska – Lincoln
  • University of Toledo
  • Ursuline College
  • Wright State University
  • Youngstown State University