Creditors’ Rights & Insolvency

KJK’s Creditors’ Rights & Insolvency Practice Group has extensive experience working with clients on all sides of bankruptcy cases, state court receiverships, secured lender workouts, and out of court restructuring. Those clients include debtors, secured and unsecured creditors, creditors’ committees, trustees and receivers, and those desiring to buy distressed assets.  The breadth of that client base is possible because of the deep experience and varied backgrounds of our attorneys at KJK and the fact that we work constructively and efficiently with our corporate, securities, litigation, and IP partners.

Disputes and distress inevitably arise during the lifetime of an enterprise or venture and businesses need the most economical and sensible solutions to these problems. At KJK, our first approach to a distressed situation is always a practical one. Our attorneys are well known and highly regarded in the restructuring world not only as advocates for sensible solutions where consensus makes the most business sense but also for being effective and aggressive bankruptcy litigators, when that is the only option.

Our goal is to be your first source of support when financial, operational, or other distress arises regardless of whether you are a debtor, a fiduciary or a creditor. Our efficient and pragmatic practice model compels us to take the time to understand the mechanics of your business so that we can quickly analyze the situation and formulate an effective strategy that works in your situation. In addition, our attorneys have years of experience in recognizing potential pitfalls and in counseling our clients to insulate themselves against financial and legal uncertainties that are otherwise beyond their control.

Our attorneys work on a wide range of bankruptcy, creditors’ rights, and insolvency matters and represent companies large and small. By working alongside our clients to develop and implement innovative and creative business and legal strategies to address and overcome distress; KJK helps preserve corporate value for our clients and their stakeholders.

KJK’s creditors’ rights and insolvency experience also spans beyond bankruptcy into state, federal, and international venues, and extends to matters such as receiverships, assignments for the benefit of creditors, and mandatory and non-mandatory mediation. Our team’s regional, national and cross-border experiences distinguish KJK from other creditors’ rights and restructuring firms. We pride ourselves on our hard work and results, which have allowed us to earn a reputation among our clients and peers for integrity, high quality, and favorable outcomes for our clients.

Focus Area

Bankruptcy Litigation

Bankruptcy litigation moves at a lightning-fast pace, requiring lawyers to respond quickly to best protect their clients’ interests. During the first days of a corporate bankruptcy case, the court addresses and often enters binding orders concerning major issues including financing and use of cash collateral, employee retention and compensation, assumption and rejection of leases and other contracts, and payment of priority creditors and critical vendors. Within weeks, an official committee of unsecured creditors may be formed. Accordingly, it is essential that bankruptcy trial lawyers possess a comprehensive understanding of both the substance and procedure of bankruptcy law and practice.

Our attorneys possess years of bankruptcy trial experience prosecuting and defending complex contested matters and adversary proceedings and appearing in bankruptcy cases pending in venues across the United States, including California, Delaware, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New York, and Virginia, among others. We have consistently demonstrated our ability to achieve favorable resolutions in the matters in which we have appeared. Equally, if not more importantly, our bankruptcy litigators possess insight and the personal relationships with the various players in bankruptcy proceedings and know who to call to constructively and effectively negotiate favorable resolutions, where possible.

Representative Experience