Student & Athlete Defense/Title IX practice group

KJK litigates and serves as advisors for parties involved in campus sexual misconduct matters around the country. We have extensive experience representing college students facing Title IX investigations and disciplinary proceedings and also represent those who wish to initiate the Title IX process. Further, we guard against gender bias and other types of due process violations.

A full-service education practice, the education team at KJK is able to navigate the frequent intersection of Title IX law, student misconduct matters, education disabilities and mental health struggles. We serve as student advisors to both genders and to students with a variety of mental health issues and personal concerns. In particular, our team has experience with students who have various disabilities, such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety and depression. We ensure that students needing accommodations receive the assistance required during the entire disciplinary process. Every client matter is staffed by team members who bring a wealth of experience about the Title IX process to help students in their time of crisis.

Our attorneys work with students facing Title IX issues involving sexual assault, sexual harassment and intimate partner violence. We also have significant experience defending students in matters where a criminal investigation is underway and a coordinated defense is necessary. Additionally, we navigate parallel civil proceedings seeking an injunction and monetary damages in state or federal courts around the country. Students should not act alone in these cases, but should seek a team of trained professionals to navigate the complexity of the circumstances.

Our practice similarly includes representing faculty members involved in Title IX matters or other issues on campus that may pose a threat to their careers. We handle tenure negotiations and understand the intersection of Title IX and other employment laws.

We recognize not only the sensitivity of these matters, but the effect that the outcome will have on our clients’ academic and professional futures. KJK works tirelessly to obtain the best results possible, for our goal is to protect the academic transcript, career and reputation of our clients.

Our multi-disciplinary approach to cases has led to many positive resolutions. Our team has had many Title IX investigations resolved prior to a school hearing, which has allowed students to move forward with an unblemished academic record. In other cases, KJK obtained “not responsible” findings for falsely accused students. In cases where there has been mutual harm to both parties, our team has successfully negotiated Restorative Justice plans.

In addition, our team represents students who have already been found responsible and who are pursuing Title IX appeals. In these cases, we work to identify procedural errors or new evidence that warrants a new hearing. When schools violate our clients’ due process rights or commit other legal violations, we aggressively litigate and have done so successfully in federal courts nationwide. In urgent matters, we act quickly to seek court intervention. In order to provide clients with the elite team of lawyers they deserve, we work closely with other practices areas in our firm. We often call on our Criminal, Cyber & White-Collar attorneys to handle any criminal matters related to campus proceedings, as well as our employment lawyers when representing faculty issues related to discipline or tenure.

If you have been accused of sexual assault on campus, please consider the following websites for extra resources:


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