We didn’t try to be different. We just did what came naturally. You could say it’s in our blood. That’s because our senior partners, Kohrman, Jackson and Krantz, happened to be revolutionary. They were lawyers who practiced more than law. They were innovators, community leaders and stewards of our city who always made their clients’ business their first priority.

KJK passionately believes mid-market businesses are the real drivers of our economy. We speak their language. We recognize that our economy is strengthened by small, yet promising start-ups, as well as large, economy-driving events.

Our greatest inspiration is in seeing our clients succeed. We need that success to ensure job creation in our community and across America. So we’ve helped businesses grow from start-ups to successful IPOs. We advise, advocate, innovate and build so that our clients see an impact on their bottom lines and carry that momentum into the community. That’s not a product of hourly fees. That’s about partnership and a law firm with people who view their service not as an end, but as a means to a greater end that powers our community’s prosperity.

To achieve this mission, we’ve structured our firm to help clients make maximum economic impact while keeping their legal fees free of surprise. While others offer General Counsel, we provide Connective Counsel. It’s not about offering leadership in every arm of law, but rather connecting clients to the right arm of leadership at the right time. It’s not about mitigating risk, but rather ensuring our clients risk intelligently and celebrating it with them.

KJK started as three well-known names. Today, however, it’s more than that, it’s a team name. You could say our clients get an “all-access pass” to the legal professionals who can best serve them.

So don’t call us a law firm. Call us business partners. Call us when the community needs an extra hand. Call us KJK.