KJK Connective Counsel

KJK’s first priority has always been the business of our clients. We have embraced this mindset for years, developing a reputation as a law firm built for business. Building on that reputation, we are introducing KJK Connective CounselSM which creates meaningful connections among our clients, communities and business leaders.

KJK Connective Counsel gives middle-market, privately held companies an “all-access pass” to sound legal advice and business connections by convening the right people from the private and public sectors, sparking partnerships that have the potential to build legacies.

KJK Connective Counsel Provides…

  • A Comprehensive Legal and Connective Assessment
    KJK attorneys will conduct an in-depth, detailed legal review of your business including customer and vendor relations, employment matters, regulatory compliance, finance, estate and succession planning and identify key business connections to move your business forward.
  • A Team Approach
    Based on the results of the KJK Legal & Connective Assessment, we will build a tailored team of professionals best suited to meet your specific industry and business needs.
  • Access to KJK Cloud™
    KJK Cloud is an online database that provides clients with secure, cloud-based access to all of their legal documents and corporate records, along with up-to-date client alerts, announcements and exclusive access to high-profile networking events.  KJK’s IT professionals provide online and in-person training on KJK Cloud best practices.
  • Access to High-Profile Events
    KJK hosts multiple invitation only events including our exclusive KJK Speaker Series that will allow our guests to engage with the top business, community and political leaders who are driving our region forward.
  • No Surprise Fees
    KJK fee arrangements are designed to relieve the pressure about “being on the clock”.  A tailored fee plan ensures your peace of mind about getting answers to the questions that keep you up at night.


If you are interested in joining KJK Connective Counsel, contact Stephanie Nord at sdn@kjk.com or 216.736.7229.