Blog Ohio Green Building Law / 09.01.2014

Detente Green Building 2014: Now What?

Following months (if not years) of hostility and robust legislative battles throughout the U.S. (including here in Ohio), the U.S. Green Building Council and the American Chemistry Council will now work together to advance LEED.

The truce announcement has already been optimistically embracedintelligently dissected, and compared to the rise, fall, and redemption of Darth Vader. But what does it really mean and what happens next?

USGBC has established a working group, the “Supply Chain Optimization Group,” made up of ACC and USGBC staff and member company experts who will discuss how building materials are addressed in LEED. One particularly hot topic for this group will be risk assessment—the method used by policymakers and others to determine how dangerous a hazard is when assuming a certain level of exposure—as the ACC yearns for this concept to receive “greater consideration throughout USGBC’s process.” Details are still being worked out.

OGBL appreciates the value of communication and compromise, and we recognize that often the best resolutions are those in which both sides leave equally unhappy. Here’s to hoping for better than that as USGBC and ACC work to align their goals.